About Ekoparty


Ekoparty Security Conference

It's an annual information security conference that, because of its unique characteristics and particular style, has become a referent for all Latin America.


About ekoparty

The ekoparty is held once a year in the city of Buenos Aires since 2001. In this event, attendees, guests, specialists and experts from all around the world, have the opportunity to catch up with the most recent technological innovations, vulnerabilities and tools, in a relaxed environment ideal for knowledge sharing.

“The most important hacking conference of Latin America.”

The idea of doing an event with this particularities came out in the underground circuit of IT, but over the years, it became the biggest and most prestigious information security and hacking conference of Latin America.

Apart from having international relevance and the presence of a wide technical specialist audience, ekoparty offers workshops and trainings dictated by the most distinguished professionals in the matter, as well as activities and challenges.

“The talks are translated live between English and Spanish”

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ekoparty security conference 

Ekoparty allows consultants, security officers, researchers, programmers, technicians, sysadmins, nerds, hacking and technological enthusiasts to get together and enjoy the most important information security discoveries.

Ekoparty is known by the quality of its content and by being a meeting point. It is a community itself, where people interested in infosec meet, see each other every year, learn, have fun, find jobs and grow professionally year by year.  

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Wardriving in Buenos Aires

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Digital art exhibitions and activities
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Cofounder of ekoparty. 
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Cofounder of ekoparty. 
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Cofounder of ekoparty. 
 CEO @ Faraday.